We now offer a Solar Max/Sunergy heating system. Affordable Solar power to supplement your existing heating with a savings of up to 40% on heating heating bill.

Until June 1st, we offer a 10% discount
on all heating systems ordered!

That is the idea behind our Solar-Max solar supplemental heating system. The concept is simple. We install two solar collection panels on the roof of your home.

The air within the box heats to between 200Ż and 250ŻF. Then we install a 392 cfm industrial fan (solar powered fans are available as an option) to draw the air from within the home through the solar panels and back into your home.

The air circulation is controlled by a sensor in the solar panel and a thermostat in the home. This passive solar heat is designed to supplement your existing heating system as it can only work during the daylight hours. It works remarkably well on even cloudy days. Some of our installations have saved customers as much as 40% of their annual heating bill.

Homes suitable for this system should ideally have a predominantly unobstructed south facing exposure at a roof angle of between 20" to 50".

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Until August 1st, Save 10% on Solar Max / Sunergy heating systems. More info...
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