Vinyl & Aluminum Siding
The most resilient and economical house covering you can install. These sidings are available in many profiles and colours. We supply and install Gentek vinyl and aluminum siding.

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When residing your home we can install rigid insulation under the new siding to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Available in thickness from .25" up to 2" we can add up to R14 to the walls.

Available in aluminum and vinyl in a variety of colours and profiles to suit your home. Vented soffit panels are installed as required to allow air into attic areas.

Fascia board
We use aluminum fascia board coverings. These can be custom bent to fit most homes or we can make special shaped fascia from flatstock. We use colour-matched screws to fasten our fascia boards.

Eavestrough & Down Pipes
Prefinished, aluminum and steel eaves trough and down pipes are custom made at the job site to eliminate joints. Both aluminum and steel eavestrough are available in 5" and 6" widths. Custom made copper trough is also available.

Leaf Screen
We can install an aluminum leaf screen in your eaves trough to keep out leaves and other debris.

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